Contract Mortgage Processing

We provide third-party mortgage processing services for the brokers that are sending the loans to the wholesale lenders.

If the transaction cancels- No Charge

Our Fees are paid by the borrower in section B of the closing disclosure.

Licensed NMLS Processors

Utmost Docs

What's a Contract Mortgage Processor?

A contract mortgage processor is an individual who is hired by mortgage companies, banks, or other financial institutions to assist with the processing of mortgage applications.

The contract mortgage processor is responsible for ensuring that the mortgage application is complete, accurate, and complies with all applicable regulations and guidelines.

The responsibilities of a contract mortgage processor may include verifying the borrower’s employment and income, ordering appraisals and title searches, and working with the underwriter to obtain loan approval.

The contract mortgage processor may work on a freelance or temporary basis and may process mortgages for several different companies at the same time. This job often requires an understanding of the mortgage industry and regulatory requirements, as well as strong organizational and communication skills to ensure that the mortgage application process runs smoothly.

 Our processors are skilled in processing the following:

Modernize your mortgage office and streamline your processes with Utmost Docs- Contract Mortgage Processing.

Obtain initial title and escrow pre-CD fees. Process and verify the disclosures are accurate and complete, 

Follow Up with the borrowers to make sure ITP and all disclosure are execute within the time frame.

Submit the loan package to your chosen lender and work closely with AE to make sure the file will be submitted to UW ASAP, with no problem upload.

Processing the loan and clear conditions in a timely matter to get your loans clear to close status ASAP.

Handle every request and document from escrow, the lender, the other agent, the appraiser, your client, and any other party involved in the transaction.

Notify you of deadlines, time frames at the beginning of escrow, before they are due and when they have become past due.

Order the appraisal, insurance, title, tax transcripts, payoffs, pay stubs and complete all written and verbal verification of employment.

Coordinate closings with title and your borrowers. Communicate with Closers to ensure the CD balances. Provide final invoices and follow up on signing Docs.

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