Real Estate Transaction Coordination Services

Real Estate Transaction Coordination Services (Transaction Coordinator): A person who assists the agent and broker in the processing of the real estate file. Gathering all information, and paperwork, and following up on the contractual items. Putting together the final Broker file of the real estate transaction.

We provide Real Estate Transaction Coordination services for Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

If the transaction cancels- No Charge.

Licensed DRE Processors.

What's a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator?

A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator is a licensed professional who helps real estate agents, brokers, and buyers/sellers navigate the complex process of buying or selling a property. They are responsible for ensuring that all the necessary paperwork, contracts, and documents required for a successful transaction are completed accurately and on time.

The Real Estate Transaction Coordinator acts as a liaison between all parties involved in the transaction, including the escrow officer, title company, lender, and buyer/seller to make sure everything is on track. They also manage deadlines and schedule inspections, appraisals, and closing dates. A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator typically has extensive knowledge of real estate laws, regulations and contracts, and can provide valuable assistance to agents throughout the entire process.

By hiring a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, real estate agents can focus on selling properties and generating new business, while the coordinator handles the details that ensure a smooth and successful transaction for all parties involved.




 Our Real Estate Transaction Coordinators are skilled in processing the following:

Modernize your Real Estate transaction processes with Utmost Docs- 3rd Party TC Services

Notify you of deadlines, time frames at the beginning of escrow, before they are due and when they have become past due.

Obtain initial initials Disclosures from Listing Agent or Sellers (If we represent them) and escrow pre-CD fees. 

Obtain Prelim, EMD, Escrow packages.  Obtain Final  Settlement Statement and Broker closing package at closing.  Communicate with escrow throughout transaction.

Follow Up with all parties in the transaction to make sure all disclosures, addendums and documents are fully executed.

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